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I am an expressive abstract painter who is passionate about exploring the colours, shapes, and textures of the world around us. My bodies of work are often inspired by places I have visited, and I love to work on more than one painting at a time to create an immersive experience.
I believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and I strive to create a space where people can come to experience something new and exciting. My abstract paintings are meant to spark conversations, inspire thought, and make people feel alive.

While You Were Sleeping

JDS Lunar Reflections sml.jpg

These paintings acknowledge the fleeting moments mostly in Nature that are continuously occuring, perpetual and everlasting. The seasons will continue to change, there will be a new day after the previous, a new start. A fresh beginning. The sun and the moon will keep playing a game of chase, and we will continue to be in awe of Mother Nature's moments that are always happening even if there is no one there to see them.

Neutral Earth


The most recent release of paintings are more grounded and calm in contrast to the previous Spring inspired paintings. Earthy neutral tones create a connection to nature and invoke a more calm and grounded atmosphere. Less use of brushes and more texture. Using high flow paints allowing the colours to move freely without much interference.

The Forgotten Spring

JDS -4.jpg

This release of paintings channels the beauty of springtime. The South of Germany barely had any Spring this year and this selection of paintings are reminiscent of the vibrancy that the season usually beholds.  My mission is to bring joy and positivity through my artwork, and to make sure that each piece created evokes feelings of warmth and happiness and brings some vibrant energy and positivity into your life.

Memories of Cape Town

JDS -1.jpg

As an artist, I strive to capture the unique and complex beauty of the world around me. Through my abstract paintings, I am able to express myself and to bring to life the memories I have of beautiful places.

These works draw much inspiration from my life in Cape Town, South Africa. Through my paintings, I attempt to capture the vibrant colours, unique culture, and peaceful atmosphere of this incredible city.


JDS every experience.jpg

My artwork is inspired by a trip to Paris where I experienced the work of Claude Monet and Joan Mitchel. Captivated by their work, I set out to create something of my own that was more free flowing and expressive. I started to use more brushstrokes and abstract shapes to create works that are both unique and captivating.

Mapping My Past

 Jaime Danielle Smith -6.jpg

This work is based on the idea of mapping memories and experiences through colour and mark-making.
Through these paintings, I have explored a variety of themes, from nostalgia to identity. My first solo exhibition, Mapping My Past, was very well received in Hamburg. I used the experience of revisiting meaningful places in my life to create an entire series of abstract paintings.

Mallorca Memories

Jaime Danielle Smith Deia.jpg

This collection of abstract paintings, all born from the memories of a year spent on the island of Mallorca. Each piece is a unique representation of my time there, reflective of the emotions, sights, sounds, and tastes and smells that I encountered.

Through my work, I hope to bring the beauty of Mallorca to life, and create something truly special that can be cherished and appreciated.

Light and Shadows

JDS 1.jpg

This body of work is largely neutral in colour, but expressive in texture and mark-making. Beyond the visual, I aim to evoke emotion and thought in my viewers. Every painting is an exploration of what can be achieved with contrast, texture, and shape. 

Italian Summer 2022

Jaime Danielle Smith Italian Summer_edited.jpg

These paintings are inspired by my travels, particularly my summer spent on Lake Garda in Italy. I was inspired by the olive trees, lakes and nature surrounding me, and I try to capture this in the colours and shapes of my work.
My artwork is abstract, with a focus on texture and colour. I use a variety of mediums, including acrylics, inks and oil pastels. 

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