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My abstract paintings reflect the beauty, diversity and mystery of the world around me. Every brushstroke is inspired by my travels and life experiences, from the sense of a new place to the colours of the world. My goal is to capture the memories and feelings of a moment and translate them into a painting. 

My paintings are far from boring – they are often intriguing and filled with emotion. Let my artwork take you on a journey and help you explore the world from a new perspective.


My abstract paintings are an expression of my inner world of emotions, thoughts, and memories. Through bold colours, intuitive mark making, and a process of many layers, I'm able to express myself and create something unique and beautiful


I don't like to use the words 'intuitive artist' but that is ultimately how I start my paintings - through feelings and intuition. I am inspired by a colour palette, or an experience and I try to keep all the movement and brush strokes as loose as possible. 

Multiple layers and texture build up to create depth and an extra dimensional effect. 

I know the painting is finished when I can feel in my gut that it is finished. Only then is the process complete. 

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