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My travels and life experience are influential in my work as symbols of renewal, starting over and constant change. My paintings are enriched with multiple layers, similar to the stages and phases in life that are in constant flux.

Large, expressionistic brush strokes with bold colours are the driving force behind my work. I want the viewer to be able to look at the painting on different days, in different moods and discover different things. My art is never boring. 

My family, nature and the outdoors are the biggest inspiration behind my pieces as these are the places where I find I am at my most calm. 


I don't like to use the words 'intuitive artist' but that is ultimately how I start my paintings - through feelings and intuition. I am inspired by a colour palette, or an experience or just the current mood that I am in and I try to keep all the movement and brush strokes as loose as possible. 

My paintings usually go through many layers and I enjoy scraping back and drawing into the wet paint revealing the hidden colours beneath.

I use texture to create depth and an extra dimensional effect. 

Once I am happy with the basic composition, I take smaller finer brushes and work more controlled movement highlighting or darkening places and accentuating details. 

I know the painting is finished when I can feel in my gut that it is finished. Only then is the process complete. 

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