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I started out with a simple yet adventurous life in Harare, Zimbabwe. Due to Zimbabwean politics I moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 2000 where I finished my schooling.

I attended the University of Cape Town for 3 years studying Film and Social Anthropology.  

I lived in London for 2 years where personal creative endeavours took a bit of a standstill, but I developed as a person: a young girl from Africa in a very new fast exciting world. New thoughts, new friends and new insights of life.  

Back in Cape Town I worked in Film Production which as exciting as it was did not allow for any time for creativity. 

At the age of 26 I sold my belongings and bought a ticket to Palma de Mallorca and started a new career working on Super-yachts as a stewardess and chef. For 4 years I travelled the Mediterranean and Caribbean loving my life but with a constant feeling that something was missing -the need to paint and be creative. 

Now having settled in one of the most creative cities of Europe, Berlin, I am filling my soul with that which I had yearned for for so long. 
The birth of my daughter Ivy was a catalyst to really be true to myself and find that thing that made me happy, which is painting. 

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